Friday, 11 June 2010

Little Fish sculpture

The SMALL FISH project has finally been unveiled two years after the first meeting and a year in progress!
The idea was for a piece to fit on the 5Ft square plinth in the middle of the garden at Edgecumbe TRC. It has been empty for 18 years now with nobody knowing what to put there, so no pressure!
The brief, a colourful interesting piece incorporating images of the students favourite places in the local area. Tactile qualities sprang to mind, and images through the fish eye lens with textures inviting touch..and so it was decided to do a shoal of fish jumping from the plinth which will be mosaic water. The piece needs to look good from the back and front so we opt for metal to look like silver fish from the back.

The resulting piece was created with almost 100 people having a hand in it, each group in the centre got to make a fish to be proud of. A very rewarding experience for all involved, especially ourselves...  

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