Monday 4 April 2011


 This are the new Irish media Award prototype, based on their logo, it should be pretty cool when its finished...Dunno what colour its going to be yet though...It certainly doesn't look its best in this drab clay colour that's for sure.

Tuesday 22 February 2011

New pieces out of the kiln.

 Some new pieces just out of the kiln,
t-light holders vases and wall pieces, porcelain flax clay.
Too late to make it onto our new website so the blog gets them! Not a bad firing,  the kiln gods were kind...

Thursday 17 February 2011

naturally north coat awards

These awards were commissioned by i2 Total Marketing for Naturally Coast. 
Here are the Awards getting given out!  Nice photos 

    They were very pleased with them and will be getting these every year now, happy days

Tall Ships Awards

Tall Ships Awards
End view